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Qinghai Dachuaidan Tented Camp

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Update time : 2021-06-11 12:06:29
Qinghai Tent Hotel-a luxury camp hidden deep in the Dachaidan Chaka Salt Lake.

Some people say: China has such a place that can cure Tibet's disease as well as Xinjiang's poison. This place is called Qinghai.
As a jewel in the northwest inland, Qinghai is named after the largest inland saltwater lake in the country, Qinghai Lake. At the same time, Qinghai is also the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lancang River, known as the "Three Rivers Source". Walking into this mysterious pure land, the roughness that is completely different from the south will conquer your mind in an instant, so that you can only admire its poetic beauty.
The construction models of the Gradan Tent Hotel include African tribe models, double peak suite models, and a total construction number of 22. Gradan tents can be based on the different needs of customers and different factors of the site, according to the national "Building Foundation Design Code" GB50007- 2011, "Code for Seismic Design of Buildings" GB50011-2010 regulations were implemented, and platform design was carried out.
The wall of the tent hotel is designed with "heat preservation", combined with broken bridge aluminum alloy windows and hollow glass to reduce energy loss, noise, dust, and waterproof functions. Compared with ordinary doors and windows, the heat loss is reduced by half, the heating cost is reduced by about 30%, the sound insulation is up to 29 decibels, and the water tightness and air tightness are good. 

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