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30sqm Tents Hotel High-end Indonesia hotel tents for resort

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Update time : 2021-11-29 16:51:42
Tent hotel-30 square octagonal structure

The structure of the tent hotel is simple, the materials are light, and the construction does not damage the vegetation. It is more convenient to transport in traffic jams, but it can meet people's requirements for space and comfort.
In this way, the relative advantage of the tent hotel determines its value of existence, and it is inevitable to prevail!

[Stable structure]
Gladan Wild Bimodal Tent uses high-strength aluminum alloy as the profile and double-layer PVC waterproof tarpaulin as the top cloth. It has the performance advantages of wind resistance, rain resistance, warmth, flame retardancy, and sound insulation. The tarpaulin has good self-cleaning ability and is not easy to clean. Discoloration, the appearance lasts as new.
Grada tent breaks the traditional camping tent. It is not only beautiful in appearance and novel in style, but also has a solid structure, sturdy profile and long service life, giving you a brand new camping experience.

【Platform Design】
Gradan's wild double-peak tent platform design allows the tent hotel to be stably and flexibly set up in a variety of venues, which has the functions of preventing moisture, rainwater penetration, and mosquitoes.
Gradan provides personalized customization services, designing special tents of different specifications according to the different needs of customers and different factors of the venue.

【Complete internal facilities】
The Gladan Wild Luxury Double Peak Tent has a spacious and comfortable interior without supporting pillars, which greatly improves the area utilization and living quality. The facilities in the tent are "complete with all internal organs", such as a comfortable big bed (or double bed), a characteristic independent bathroom, and environmentally friendly and fashionable furniture.
The tent has a good sound insulation and heat insulation function, creating a comfortable outdoor space that is warm in winter and cool in summer, and redefines outdoor camping!

[Unlimited construction ground ]
There is no restriction on the construction site of Gladan Wild Twin Peaks tent. The combined aluminum alloy structure is flexible to disassemble, sturdy and safe, and has strong wind resistance. It can be built on generally flat ground, such as grass, cement, sand, etc.
Gradan tents are comfortable and widely used in hotels, tourist resorts, golf courses, water parks, playgrounds, camping camps and other fields.

Gladan Tent (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. has a strong technical R&D team and advanced production equipment, a large-scale hotel tent production base, focusing on providing wild hotel tent manufacturing, tent hotel installation and construction for outdoor tourist scenic camps, as a domestic strength Hotel tent manufacturers provide one-stop tent hotel solutions to help generate income from camps in tourist attractions. Now the factory tent hotel has a complete range of styles. Welcome new and old customers to visit the factory and negotiate with us!
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