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Yunman Xiangshan Banshan Hotel Camp

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Update time : 2021-04-08 11:04:45
Yunman Xiangshan Banshan Hotel Camp-a wild luxury accommodation experience in a tea garden.

In the early morning leaning on the Xiangshan campsite and the tea mountain of the Mid-Levels Hotel, the sea of ​​clouds came to visit the red day with the salty egg yolk. The breeze blows away, the sea of ​​clouds floats, and the wind-wrinkled sea ripples, and the waves linger outside the window, as if reachable. Step out of the house, you can step on the auspicious clouds and be in a fairyland.

The half-mountain tent hotel built by Geladan Tent this time is an important part of the construction of the Great Dianxi Tourist Circle. "Walking around the tea mountain and watching the sea of ​​clouds" Lean Xiangshan camp and half-mountain tent hotel is the perfect integration of natural and cultural landscapes such as tea mountains, woodlands, clouds and the hotel architecture, relying on high-quality ecological resources such as Pu'er green water and green mountains, tea mountains and clouds. A cultural and tourism integration project that integrates tourism, culture, sports, and health and wellness.

There is no restriction on the construction site of the tent hotel, modular steel structure, flexible disassembly and assembly. It can be built on flat, mountain, river, grassland, and is widely used in outdoor hotels, resorts, RV camping and other fields.

According to the national "Building Structure Load Code" GB50009-2012, "Steel Structure Design Code" GB50017-2003, "Building Steel Structure Welding Technical Regulations" JGJ81-2002, it is processed with standard carbon structural steel materials.

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