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Shell Hotel Tent at Mountain Lakeside Seaside

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Author : Aimee
Update time : 2021-11-23 17:34:45
In recent years, various places have been developing tourism construction. Compared with traveling abroad to experience exotic flavors, more people who have lived in fast-paced cities for a long time choose to return to the suburbs to experience the forest lake. Feel the natural beauty of birdsong and flowers.

Facing the tourism boom in domestic holidays, scenic camps have also built various accommodation houses. In addition to traditional concrete steel structure hotels and camping simple tents, special tent hotel accommodation has also attracted a large number of tourists. Next, I will show you the secrets of Yichun tent hotel camps. !

Walking into the park, you can see white shell-shaped houses built in the grass from a distance. The tent hotel is built on the lake, standing on the lakeside terrace, facing the natural mountain scenery, and a gust of wind is oncoming. Away from the noisy and fast-paced city life, this place is a natural oxygen bar to relieve stress. Watching the stars at night, playing the guitar, having a barbecue with friends and chatting about life, is very pleasant.

The main body of the shell tent hotel is mainly European style, modern and simple decoration. Compared with the traditional simple camping tent, there is no need to worry about the problem of washing. You can enjoy the hotel's general star-level convenient experience even when you are outdoors. In terms of sound insulation, the shell tent hotel adopts hollow tempered glass on the entrance wall, double-layer membrane material and thermal insulation cotton as the membrane material, which improves the comfort rate of internal heat insulation under the premise of sound insulation.
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