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Sky star dome tent camp in the Jordanian desert

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Update time : 2019-12-03 15:36:57
Choose product specifications:
1)spherical tent camp, 6 meters to 12 meters in diameter and about 56 square meters
2)framework: galvanized pipe rack - corrosion resistant powder processing. ·
3)tarpaulins: 850 / g translucent PVC tarpaulin (waterproof, flame retardant, resistance to tear) 
4)configuration: wood floor, wood, platform, spandex, curtain,
5)security: can resist 8-10 level winds, up to 10 years in life

The client required us to connect two or three separate spherical awning rooms together, which increased the indoor activity space, and also allowed the indoor accommodation to be built in the same space with the activity scene, so that the space could be separated automatically when it was not needed. Look outside, spherical UFO camp will also give a person has been planted not empty, but particularly quiet, the feeling is not really, like the movie set, everywhere you diffuse the feeling of freedom.Qixing can create a series of campsites with local characteristics for the tourist attractions. The spherical campsite is a brand new outdoor experience, which is transparent and bright due to the translucent setting, and more perfect combination with the natural landscape. This is the living experience that ordinary hotels can never bring. The construction cost of the camp is low. For the tourism areas like Jordan, choosing our spherical camp will bring more profits, attract more tourists and enable the tourism industry to develop faster.
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