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Jilin Liangtian Baishi Camp Tent Hotel

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Author : Tuoya Tent
Update time : 2021-10-23 15:11:48
The overall construction plan of Liangtian Baishi Sports Holiday Town takes "cultural tourism + agriculture + sports" as the theme. It covers an area of 500 hectares and a water area of 345 hectares. It contains 6 projects of "One Belt, Two Parks, and Three Districts", which are ecological Sports landscape belt, modern agricultural science and technology industrial park, hot spring homestay holiday park, leisure resort area, ecological livable health care area, dock cultural area.

At present, the places that are open to the outside world are hot spring resorts (partially), Liangtian Baishi Smart Farm, and leisure resorts. Among them, the leisure resort aims at national sports, and is the first in the whole region to integrate "live ammunition, patriotic education, jungle cross-country, The sports and leisure model of the whole industry chain that integrates functions such as camp education and outdoor catering has led the whole people into a new era of healthy vacation.

Among them, the leisure resort area includes tent camps and tent hotels built by Guangzhou Gladan(Event) Tents, military theme parks, all-terrain vehicles, jungle off-road, jungle tribe parent-child parks, beer squares, comprehensive squares, hiking trails and other entertainment projects. It is a collection of natural science , Parent-child education, outdoor adventure, forest vacation and other multi-functional camp holiday units.

In addition, the Modern Agricultural Technology Industrial Park (Smart Farm) is a demonstration park project for the integration of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. The park is divided into modern agricultural technology demonstration areas, cute pet parks, children's all-terrain vehicles, hot air balloon squares, tent camps and other areas. , Visitors can not only watch the new countryside created by modern agricultural technology, but also interact with small animals at close range. The live ammunition shooting gallery is the first shooting gallery officially opened in Jilin Province.

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