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2019 Music Festival, Star Tents Everywhere

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Update time : 2019-02-27 13:46:07
There are a lot of places to have fun at the annual music festival, which is for young people to experience the feast of hearing and vision. Come to the music festival camp, you can experience the warm camping tents, and the vast eco-friendly campsite will provide a large star tent. The floor, table, chairs, bed and decoration in the tent are made in wooden style, with karaoke, WIFI, catering, charging, shower, anti-mosquito measures, and medicine and so on.

Live in colored tent watching the stars, listening to the music, playing cards, having drinks, and enjoying barbecue...This joyful carnival is coming to you!
The enthusiasm for young people is the atmosphere of the festival, from unique music to passionate metal punk, from quiet folk songs to full-fledged British rock, uninterrupted music bombing, a variety of performances, colorful lights, and an avant-garde stage will surely get you indulged.

How can such a joyful event be held without special food? Friends and family gather around set up a campfire outside the tent, open a drink, and enjoy loads of fun from a barbecue party.
At the festival, the year's event will satisfy all your fantasies about carnival. Bring your family and friends to the music festival to participate in a passionate starry tent camp!

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