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High-end Wild Luxury Hotel Tent In Xishanquan Camp, Guiping, Guangxi

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Update time : 2019-02-27 13:50:29
On November 30, 2017, the managers of sports and tourism industry together with other industries from 29 provinces across the country, members of the Motor Sports Association, motorcyclists and self-driving enthusiasts gathered in Xishanquan Automobile Camp in Guiping, Guangxi, participating in the 4th China Automobile (RV) Camping Conference. The four-day event attracted hundreds of RVs, over 5,000 self-driving cars, and tens of thousands of people from some ASEAN countries and different provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, West Asia, Thailand and Cambodia.
Kasoci provides a number of high-end wild luxury tents and spherical star tents for the 4th Guangxi Guiping Tent Hotel Camping Conference. The high-end polygonal wild tents have upgraded the camping level for this event, making it considered as seven-star outdoor hotel, we sincerely invite you to visit!
  The Kasoci team are effective from installation to construction. The structure of the tent hotel is safe and stable. From installation to construction, Kasoci team finishes efficiently and successfully, which shows the strength, technology competence and excellent production performance of Kasoci Team!
  The Guiping Xishanquan Auto Camp was officially awarded the “Five-Star Camp” plaque at the ceremony. In the functional area planning, the tent hotel camp provides camping accommodations such as standard trailer camps, tent hotels, dome tent starry hotel, hotel tents, wild luxury resort tents and cabin tents.

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