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The 4th RV Camping Conference, Guangxi Guiping High-end Wild Luxury Tent

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Update time : 2019-02-27 13:53:43
n November 30, 2018, the camping conference was successfully held in Guiping, Guangxi. Guangzhou Event Tent Co., Ltd. (KASOCI Team) built a number of high-end wild luxury tents for the camp, including single-peak hotel tents with single-person accommodation and double-peak hotel tents for two persons, and also dome tent starry hotels.
With the rich and mature experience, KASOCI team speeded up the pace while ensuring the quality of the tent hotel, and successfully completed the construction before the opening-ceremony, which brings out the highly efficient team building and strong technical support of the company.
Guiping Xishanquan Auto Camp is the first camp in Guangxi built with five-star auto camp standard that combines outdoor sports, sightseeing, leisure, and holiday tourism aiming at sports and leisure. It covers an area of 327,497 square meters, with a main venue of 9,927 square meters it can accommodate more than 6,000 people at the same time. There are also 88 caravan spots, 21 motels, 8 valley houses, 5 star-gazing tents, 5 wild luxury tents, 16 starry hotel dome tents and other personalized accommodation camping for your choices.

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