Membrane Structure Sea Shell Hotel Tent, Glamping Fireworm Tent Hotel

Item No.: BLH-009
Our membrane tensile camping tent hotel is modular design, easy to assemble and dismantle, it can be assembled anywhere, and it is long life span, can be used more than 15 years.
Membrane Structure Sea Shell Hotel Tent, Glamping Fireworm Tent Hotel

Our glamping hotel tent design is very elegant, simple and harmonious in every environment. We create a unique end-user experience by integrating professional architecture, engineering and technical design. We use the latest engineering and fabric technology to design end-user comfort and structural life extension.

Permanent Tent Glamping Specification
Size: diameter 6m octagonal hotel tent, floor area is 30 square meters
Frame:The frame is make of high-strength steel,
Cover Material:the outer membrane is PVDF material, and the inner membrane is block-out double coated PVC
material. The tarpaulin has anti-ultraviolet, anti-tensile strength 5000N, B1 fire rating, and has
the function of heat preservation and heat insulation.
-Wall system:the wall is insulated, sound proof, modular
design, easy to install and dismantle. it is modular design,
Installation:4 poeple in 3 hours can set up one tent.
Designs: one room design, two rooms design, 3 rooms design...
stadard room size from 16 square meter to 130 square meter,
customized size are available.